The Companys Gardens

Area: Cape Town CBD, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Physical Address: 19 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
GPS Co-Ordinates: -33.927125, 18.416867
Web: www.capetown.gov.za/Family%20and%20home/see-all-city-facilities/our-recreational-facilities/District%20parks/The%20Company's%20Garden

The Companys Gardens, Cape Town CBD, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa


The Company’s Garden is situated in Queen Victoria Street, at the top of Adderley Street, and adjacent to the South African Parliament. It takes its name from the Dutch East India Company, who first started the garden in 1652 to provide their ships with food.

The Company’s Garden is abutted by numerous important landmarks, including the lodge house for slaves who built large parts of the historic city, the present day Houses of Parliament, the Iziko South African Museum and Planetarium, St George's Cathedral (which is the seat of the Anglican church in South Africa), the National Library of South Africa, the South African National Gallery, the Great Synagogue and Holocaust Centre as well as Tuynhuys, which is used by the President on state occasions.

Find more about these landmarks in our self guided walks brochure.

The public section of the garden has been enjoyed by visitors for the sheer beauty of its flora and the allure of its historic setting since it was proclaimed for public use in 1848.

Read about the history of The Company’s Garden and other district parks:
A History of Cape Town's District Parks Booklet

Opening hours
September to March: 07:30 – 20:30
April to August: 07:00 – 19:00

Features and facilities
Water features
Footpath and trails
Grassed areas
Public toilets
Specialist garden

Leisure and relaxation
Family entertainment

Facility size
Eight hectares

Document downloads
A History of Cape Town's District Parks Information Booklet
08/11/2016, Booklet - 4 MB

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