Riverton Estate Residents Association - Western Cape, South Africa

Area: Riverton Estate, Elsies River, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Physical Address: 12 Warner Crescent, Riverton Estate, Elsies River, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Postal Address: PO Box 1230, N1 City, 7463, South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)21 592 4372 / 591 6197
Cell: +27 (0)81 472 9646
After Hours Number: +27 (0)21 592 4372 / 591 6197
Contact Person: Steve Ross Chairperson; Rizia Coenraad - Secretary
GPS Co-Ordinates: -33.911615,18.563547
Web: www.facebook.com/pages/Riverton-Estate-Residents-Association/516637651689778

Western Cape Residents Associations - Riverton Estate Residents Association
1. Name:
The name of the Association is – Riverton Estate Residents Association
The name is shortened by the use of the capital letters acronym “RERA” and hereafter referred to as RERA
2. Logo: The logo of RERA will have the acronym RERA to the top right of the image of four 3D human characters in blue, yellow, green and red, with the acronym in the same colours as the image.

1. Colours reflecting our diversity as we are a community of different cultures & religions.
2. Holding of hands implies that we are a caring, supportive community, watching over each other.
3. Circle signifies our protective community that will stand together against crime.
4. Circle also showing our strong social drive to connect the community.
5. Slanting character being held up by others suggests that the stronger support the weaker ones.
3. Aim of RERA
RERA aims to build a safe and secure community by involving all the residents in social structures and programs that will educate the people to be considerate, respectful, alert and supportive of each other and to protect and maintain a clean environment
4. Achievements in our first year
1. We have started a NHW Patrol team of 30 men protecting our homes and families
2. We held an unforgettable Senior’s Celebration in December 2012
3. We have our own Facebook Page – Riverton Estate Residents Association
4. We created strong ties with local police officials resulting in more SAPS patrols in our area
5. We ensured that the council delivers on service by calling on our councillor to intervene
6. We pushed Spoornet for the demolition of the vacant house at Vasco Station
7. We registered as a NPO (Non Profit Organisation) – NPO No. 123-124
8. We have created 2 community gardens in Riverton Estate
9. We cleaned up the canal, the parking in Boston Ave and the sidewalk in Chelsea Street
10. We pressed the council to place green bins on our sidewalks
11. Graffiti was removed off the walls along the canal by the youth of our neighbourhood
12. A Youth Sports Day was held along the canal on the 17th June, supported by over 300 residents
13. In October we had a Family Day with a flea market and fun activities for all residents
14. We planted soccer poles along the canal for the kids to play safely
15. We revamped the Robin Hood Crèche – painted the toilets and added security lights




If there are any errors in the above information, please notify us via an email to info@westerncapecommunity.co.za

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